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Yu-Gi-Oh! – Wild Survivors Booster Packs – YuGiOh

Yu-Gi-Oh! – Wild Survivors Booster Packs – YuGiOh


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Three new captivating strategies, each team has a unique style to discover7 cards per boosterA Ritual Summoning strategy – cook up yourOpponent’s monsters and serve them a full course meal that fights backGiant Dinosaurs that evolved to use different types of Summoning techniques. Wild Survivors introduces new Dinosaur monsters for your Extra Deck, including a Fusion, a Synchro, and an Xyz Monster. Whether you’re powering up your existing Dinosaur Deck or looking to build one for the first time, you’ll be able to find the cards you need in Wild Survivors.A Ritual Summoning strategy that will introduce your opponent to a whole new world of monstrous cuisine. Cook up your opponent’s monsters and serve them a full-course meal that fights back. Once you’ve Ritual Summoned your first monster and the special condition is met, it can Tribute itself off along with 1 of your opponent’s monsters to Summon the next one on the menu.


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