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Yu-Gi-Oh! – Amazing Defenders Booster Packs – YuGiOh

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Yu-Gi-Oh! – Amazing Defenders Booster Packs – YuGiOh


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Format: Each booster pack contains 7 cards:1 Foil card per pack6 Rare cards per packThree unique new themes are ready for action in Amazing Defenders! The 60-card set gives you new ways to build up mighty monsters that can dominate Duels. Each theme has a unique gameplay style to enjoy, so try out all 3 and see which one is your favorite!In addition to the cards that make up these three strategies, Amazing Defenders will also include some older cards to help you build these Decks. On top of that, 15 cards in the set will also be available as Collector’s Rares!Here’s a taste of things to come:A fully equipped rescue vehicle that’s first on the scene! It’s got all the tools you need to survive and overcome any threat.An Xyz Monster that needs a little TLC to reach its full potential! Raise it well and there’s nothing you can’t accomplish together.A Ritual Monster who only appears upon mastering the mystic dance. What kind of powers does it hold?


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