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Tiny Acrobats Board Game

Tiny Acrobats Board Game


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With Tiny Acrobats, you can seize the opportunity to play with your meeples as part of a game! Create an amazing circus show and breathtaking acts and performances by cleverly stacking different wooden meeples. Acrobats, guest stars, special numbers, and wild animals come together in a dexterity game with rules that are easy and quick to learn.

In Tiny Acrobats, which combines the excitement and thrills of Meeple Circus with new rules and streamlined scoring, you have three rounds to create your show and perform numbers that will meet the public demands, which change at the end of each round. During each round, you select the meeples that you want to add to your troop, then assemble them on stage. Players have a limited time to achieve their prowess simultaneously. Practicing your dexterity, use your meeples to collect applause and earn points. You have to reproduce the figures requested by the public, stage the special arrangements of your guest stars, and raise your troop high in the air because it will bring as much applause as its height. The player with the most applause after three rounds wins.





Action / Dexterity



Open Drafting

Pattern Building

Push Your Luck

Stacking and Balancing


Crowdfunding: Wspieram

Mechanism: Tower Stacking

Theme: Circus


Meeple Circus: Tiny Acrobats


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