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Psycho Killer (Card Game / Board Game)

Psycho Killer (Card Game / Board Game)


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In the deck, there are 5 cards for the psycho killer and cards for the weapons he uses to attack you.

Your turn consists of playing as many cards as you like from your hand but must end by you drawing a card from the top of the deck. However, you do not need to play a card to draw from the deck.

If someone draws a Psycho Killer card they must play it on the table in front of them, unless they can evade the Psycho Killer. If they cannot, every player with a weapon card in their hand gets attacked.

When attacked, players must place their Weapon cards face up on the table in front of them. These are called Injury Piles.

Each Psycho Killer and Weapon card is worth a certain amount of points. When they are added to your injury pile they become Injury Points. The game ends when the last Psycho Killer card is drawn and the player with the lowest amount of injury points wins.

Psycho Killer satirises your favourite retro horror and slasher films. Use every cliche in the book to screw over your friends and survive the Psycho Killer!


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