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LOQ (Describe and Guess Game)

LOQ (Describe and Guess Game)


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Welcome to LOQ, the game of deft descriptions and express guesswork!

On your turn, you draw a card and try to describe as many words and phrases as possible before your time runs out; your teammates try to guess the words. The team scores points for each word guessed correctly. There’s a twist, though: in each round, you have to describe or guess the words in a particular way. For example, sometimes the describer can use just 3 words; sometimes their teammates can make just 1 guess! Each of the 10 rounds presents a fresh challenge.

There are 5 categories of word to describe: people and places, adjectives(descriptions), nouns (things and ideas) ,verbs(actions), and phrases. The words can be described in any order. However, in each round there is a key word worth 1 extra point, so it’s often best to start with this.

You can play LOQ in 2 ways:

Cooperatively; with everyone together against the game, or

Competitively; with teams of two or more players competing against each other. It’s a lot of fun either way!

The game ends after 10 rounds and lasts about 10 minutes per team. In competitive games, the team with most points wins. If you are playing a cooperative game, check your score against the ratings card for the difficulty level you played at. Was your performance Excellent or just Ordinary?


There are a staggering 6000 words and phrases to describe and guess! These are divided into four levels of difficulty:

Level 1 (yellow)

Level 2 (green)

Level 3 (red)

Level 4 (blue)



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