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HerStory Board Game (Her Story)

HerStory Board Game (Her Story)


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In HerStory, you're an acclaimed author, writing a book to tell the stories of remarkable women of history. Players take turns doing research, drafting chapters, and completing them for points and possibly for research symbols or special powers. The game ends when a player has written eight chapters, and the player with the highest scoring book wins.

The game is a light strategy game featuring engine-building and set collection. You do research by collecting research tokens, and by doing the right research, you can complete chapters about different historical women, for points.

Completed chapters grant abilities that make you a better writer, and allow you to score even more points as the game progresses. You can set yourself for big point windfalls with the right combination of powers.

The game comes with 120 oversized, linen-finish cards with beautiful illustrations of the featured historical figures on the fronts, and stories about their lives on the backs.



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