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Game Master Companion: Blood Red Dragon Shield RPG

Game Master Companion: Blood Red Dragon Shield RPG


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Highly customizable and unique all-in-one product Strong, magnetic closure ensures safe transport and storage of contents Built-in initiative tracker along the top of the game master screen Tough Dragon Skin™ exterior 18 reusable plastic cards and dry erase marker included. Easily create player, monster and NPC cards Includes 6 foam trays with room for a total of over 40 miniatures of various sizes Designed to ensure the game master a comfortable overview of the play area – even when seated! GM screen can hold A4 sheets for all the game master's essential maps, NPC lists, monster cards ect. Elastic bands behind the GM screen to hold your phone or pens The box’s inner dimensions are: 10 x 22.3 x 30.6cm (3-9/10 x 8-4/5 x 12”).


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